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Tara Tarini (30June 2020 Upcoming Episode |Odia TV
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Tarini is living in small town with one of her daughter,
Tara and working as physical trainer to young girls/
kids. On the other hand, Rupam now owns a hospital,
which is partially owned by him and partially by a big
businessman/investor. Kanika now holds a strong
position in the household after Uma and Maya's demise.
The story revolves around baby Tarini who is eagerly
waiting for love of all xu0026 baby Tara giving lessons to
the criminals.
Will Tara come to know that her other child is still alive?
Will they reunite?
Will baby Tara even come to know about her father?
Will Roopam and Tara even reunite? What will happen
when baby Tara and baby Tarini come to know how they
are connected?

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